How do toothpastes on enamel recovery?

Tooth enamel is composed of 96% of inorganic minerals - calcium compounds, fluorine, phosphorus, magnesium and other minerals. Despite its hardness, it is very vulnerable.

Most enamel needs calcium: depend on the hardness and strength of the teeth of it. Under the action of bacteria breeding in soft plaque, a large number of acids formed in the oral cavity. Acid dissolved enamel and eluted therefrom calcium. Calcium leaching process is called demineralization. Demineralized enamel becomes brittle and porous, chalky white spots appear on the surface. This - the initial stage of caries.

As fluorides act on enamel?

Fluoride ions react with calcium ions to form calcium fluoride which is incorporated into the structure of the tooth enamel, repairing and reinforcing it.

Fluorinated additives have their different features and speed of action. For example, aminoftorid which fluorine is an organic compound, on the enamel surface forms a stable protective film. Inorganic fluoride (sodium fluoride etc.) and form a protective film, but it is under the action of saliva dissolves quickly.

What kind of toothpaste to restore the enamel choose?

LACALUT sensitive - restore the enamel structure, reduces its sensitivity, it prevents the development of cervical cavities and helps remove plaque. Active components - aminoftorid and sodium fluoride, chlorhexidine to fight bacteria and prevent tooth decay, aluminum lactate to strengthen the gums.
LACALUT extra sensitive - quickly reduces the sensitivity of the teeth and strengthens the enamel. The effect of the paste can be felt from the first application. Through the use of potassium chloride and strontium acetate paste immediately eliminates pain.
LACALUT fluor Gel - remineralizing gel restores enamel and increases its resistance to acids, improves appearance and prevents tooth decay.
All products LACALUT contains aluminum lactate - a substance with pronounced astringent and anti-inflammatory properties.