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Alternative fillings - dental tabs

Just yesterday, the only way to fight tooth decay was the installation of the seal, but even the use of high quality material led to its darkening and Development re-caries. This process can occur after only 3-4 years after filling.

Now, modern design and technology is not standing still, offering instead of the usual dental fillings to use tabs, which not only look natural and aesthetically pleasing, but also are more reliable.
First of all, it is necessary to know that the seals are used to create the composite material itself is produced directly in the patient's mouth. In this tab, which offers dental clinic "Prism", produced in specialized laboratories provided casts prepared teeth. This feature allows them to create a better fit to the damaged tooth and more accurate manufacturing. Thus, there is a minimization of the risk of re-caries and tooth junction tab.

To date, the tabs can be done in two ways: direct and indirect. The first option involves the creation of the impression on the pre-treated tooth, the second is required to take a picture of the jaw. This procedure allows you to create the most accurate tab, repetitive chewing surface of the tooth. Indirect method is more expensive, however, at a loss of about 50% of the tooth is the best choice.

Varieties of dental inlays

Dental tabs

Tabs tooth may vary depending on the material used. This feature affects both the price and the quality of the result. Depending on what kind of material was used as a base of the tab distinguished:
Composite materials. In fact, such tabs have the same composition and features as the seal. The only difference is that they are more precise form, as produced in specialized laboratories.

Ceramics. The most aesthetic and reliability have tabs of pressed ceramics and zirconia. By strength, they are equal to the metal, but it looks the most natural. Snug fit to the tooth surface virtually eliminates the re-development of caries.
Cermet. Inferior whole ceramics due to the fact that this composition combines ceramics and metal have different coefficients of contraction. Accordingly, the value of y such products will be lower.

When the tab is better than filling?

Almost always preferable to an ordinary dental fillings tab. They have a long service life, high strength, and the ability to recover up to half of the tooth. When the seal replaces only a small part because of the porous structure rapidly changes color.
The only case where it is more expedient to use the seal, this treatment of primary teeth. This is because the life of a tooth tab for much longer than most baby tooth, and its cost many times more than the ordinary fillings.

Features dentifrice with tabs

Teeth with tabs requires a standard oral hygiene. The main conditions of care is a thorough, regular and proper tooth brushing. Another distinctive feature of the tabs is no need for excessive cleaning and polishing. Visiting the dentist for professional teeth cleaning surface of the seal requires a thorough self-treatment with a dental cleaning tab is no different from the treatment of healthy teeth.